Sept. P.T.A. Meeting Minutes

The P.T.A. had their first meeting of the school year on Sept. 12 in the I.C.T. site’s cafeteria.

Welcome and introduction of Executive Board

  • Co-Presidents: Michelle Dobson and Liza Gouger-
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Kathleen Connor and Scotte Hardin
  • Co-Treasurers:  Tania Ahmed and La Toya Marcellin –
  • Recording Secretary:  Mimi Stauber-Levy –
  • Corresponding Secretary: Katy Crile –
  • Teacher Representative: Amy Vagelatos 
  • Members-at-Large: Sara Mudge, Lori White and Ali Yildirim  
  • New Parent Member at Large: Maureen Jones
  • Ex-Officio: Merideth Finn-Beers, Jessica Miksis and Desiree Detoy

What Does the PTA do?

Since The Children’s School is not a zoned (neighborhood) school, the PTA tries to build a sense of community through the planning of school wide events. The PTA supports our school by funding programs and purchasing materials that cost more than the DOE can provide, including fundraisers throughout the year.

Everyone who has a child at school is automatically a member of the PTA.

Some of the programs the PTA has sponsored at The Children’s School

  • Expanding classroom libraries & the ICT & ASD Libraries
  • The One School, One Book Project   
  • Opera curriculum with Mr. Danny (PreK, K & 1st )
  • Chess & Architecture curriculum (2nd)
  • China, Egypt, and South Africa study activities (3rd)
  • Thunderbird Indian Dancers & Jazz at Lincoln Center (4th)
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center & Ballroom Dancing (5th)
  • Lunch Clubs (3rd, 4th, 5th)
  • Studios such as Lego Robotics, yearbook, sewing, movie animation, etc.
  • School improvements such as curtains, screens in cafeteria, sound system in gym
  • Mini-grants for all classrooms (for example, every classroom at ICT gets $450)
  • Removed admission charges from all school-based PTA events

We welcome parents to take the lead on new fundraising opportunities. If you have new ideas, please email them to 

Tania Ahmed, PTA Treasurer

  • The fundraiser that generates the most money is Pizza Friday, which will start soon. All parents are asked to volunteer to serve pizza whenever you can! No child will be turned away for lack of ability to pay for pizza. 
  • Our two other large yearly fundraisers annual appeal and gala/auction. Details to come.
  • Please shop to support 372! There will be more information coming about how to do so on Amazon, Shutterfly and other sites.

Update from Ms. Rosa, Principal

Introduction of staff to familiarize parents with who is in charge of what at school

  • Principal — Ms. Rosa Amato
  • Assistant Principals:
    • Rosa Perez Leonetti, General Education
    • Bridget Nash, Special Education
    • Frank Ammirata, Interim Acting AP
  • Dean of Students — Maura O’Grady 
  • Special Education Coordinator — Barbara Clark
  • School-Based Support Team Lead — Ann Dolan
  • Main Office –Christine Corcoran, Nancy Badali, Annette Stuto

Please note that the AP’s office is now in room 101. This is a change.

The new family handbook is on

New project: electronic blue cards to replace paper ones. They are located on, please fill out your card there if you haven’t already. If you did the paper copy already that’s fine, the PTA will enter the information into the system.

Instructional priorities, mission & vision statement for school was passed out. If you would like to see a copy and were not at the meeting, please inquire with PTA.

One of our new initiatives this year is a program called Spot On. This involves talking to our students about what it means to be responsible and kind, and what that looks like. This will be embedded in responsive classroom, as well as during lunch and recess, when our students have less structure and may need help navigating social situations.

We are introducing a new math program this year called Envisions. Go Math will no longer be used, because it was not meeting the needs of all the students. The program will be more explained in an upcoming math meeting with teachers and parents. Teachers will also talk about Envisions at curriculum conferences. 

Over the summer, some classrooms were tested for lead based paint and some was found in first floor classrooms. Those pieces of wall have been cleaned and replaced. This is a transparent process that is put online for the community. 

Update from PS 372 Parent Coordinator — Ms. Yvette Agas-Bautz

  • New Families Orientation – Thursday, September 19, ICT Cafeteria
  • ASD Related Services Breakfast is Tuesday, September 24 at 9am
  • ICT Related Services Breakfast is Friday, October 4 at 9am
  • Curriculum Conferences
    • Starting the week of September 16th through 23rd conferences will be held from 8:20am to 9:20am in the classrooms. 
  • Parents as Learning Partners
    • The first Families as Partners is Friday, October 4 after morning drop off
    • Parents must enter through 512 Carroll St. and sign in with security
    • Description of Families as Partners:
      • Occurs on the first Friday of every month, lasting for about 20 minutes and each one exploring a different academic or specialist subject. It is a chance for you to visit your child’s classroom and participate in a lesson with them. 
  • Parent Coordinator office location has changed
    • Yvette’s office Is now in room M1, accessible through the Main Office or Cafeteria.
  • Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
    • Please arrive on time, all kids should be in school by 8:20.
    • Doors open at 8:16 and close at 8:26. If it’s after 8:26 please exit through the main entrance.
    • Pre/K – enter and exit through doors on Denton.
    • 1st grade – enter and exit through doors on Whitwell.
    • 1st grade parents not allowed to escort kids upstairs to classrooms after 10/15.
    • 2nd-5th grade – enter through big gate on Whitwell. Only students, no parents. For siblings: older children should be dropped off first at gate before walking younger children to their entrance.
  • Calendar
    • The Children’s School doesn’t follow the DOE calendar to the letter, please look at PS372 calendar for things like parent-teacher conferences (which are in Nov. and March).
  • Breakfast and Lunch Menus
    • The NYC DOE offers free breakfast and lunch to all NYC school children. Below is the link for the PreK – 8th Alternative Lunch Menu for the month of October.
    • You can even download the app! SchoolFood Feed Your Mind

Lori White, Class Parent Coordinator

  • Please consider signing up to be a class parent! There are sign-up sheets outside classrooms as well as signups on Konstella. There will also be an upcoming info meeting for people interested in being a class parent.
  • What does a class parent do? Responsibilities include:
    • Manage communication for classroom events
    • Important liaison between PTA, families, and teachers
    • Attend PTA meetings and encourage fellow parents to attend
    • Solicit volunteers for school events (Roots & Community, Gala/Auction, etc.)
    • Organize a Class Directory or Play Date Book (PreK-2nd Grade)
    • Coordinate donations from parents for classroom teachers
    • Organize production of Staff Appreciation Day projects with class
    • Works best if there are 3-5 class parents per class 
    • Coordinator – Lori White –

Janine DiLorenzo, After School Coordinator

  • Stay&Play! – New PTA sponsored Program

We strive to provide the PS 372 Families with a fun, inclusive and affordable after school program which empowers and supports our children’s growing bodies and minds by providing thoughtful and engaged leadership that encourages play and friendship.

  • How does the Stay&Play Program Work? 
    • Available to all PS 372 students (PreK – 5)
    • Separates kids by grades (EC, 1-2, 3-5)
    • Every school day from 3:10pm until 6:00pm
    • Starts first full day of School until last full day
    • Can pick days of week you need (1-5 days)
    • Drop-Ins welcome (need to register)
    • Financial assistance is available 
  • Stay&Play Enrichment Program
    • Different fees to regular After School program
    • Variety of specialized classes
    • 3 sessions: Fall, Winter, & Spring, 8-10 weeks
    • Classes run from 3:10pm to 4:40pm

Music Partners – Dorothy Savitch, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Grades 3, 4, & 5 can participate
  • Please let Janine know ASAP if your child will be interested because enrollment will determine whether program will run and how much it will cost.
  • More info on

The After School program is paid for completely by tuition, so if you have any ideas for fundraisers or donations please let Janine know. Main goal was to have staff who knew every child well and help them to choose to do what they wanted to do after school. Enrichment program schedule will be coming out soon, and enrichment will begin in October. 

Sarah Graham, Communications Coordinator

  • If you haven’t signed up and registered for Konstella, please do! 
  • To request access, go to 372
  • You can use the program ( from your home computer or your smartphone. 
  • If you need help, email
  • We are looking for more people with experience with WordPress and website design knowledge to help publish school news
  • If you are experienced in using social media on behalf of a business, we’d love to have you join the committee
  • We are also looking for bilingual parents who would be willing to work as translators for PTA flyers and information sheets.
  • New Family Buddy Program – Please let Sarah know if you signed up for new family buddy program and haven’t heard anything from your buddy yet. The buddy family is here to help you navigate your first year at 372!

Scotte Hardin, Co-Vice President; One School, One Book

One School One Book is in its third year.  Details below:

  • School-wide Diversity Initiative

Engaging our children with stories that feature diverse characters, including books that center around people of color, gender diversity, LGBTQ identities, people with disabilities, immigration experiences, and ethnic, cultural and religious traditions that are historically excluded from traditional curriculum.

  • How it Works 

A theme and books are selected for each month by the committee. Every classroom enjoys reading and discussing the same Read-Aloud book. Sometimes different books are picked for Lower & Upper Grades, although the theme is the same. 

  • Who We Are 

We are parents/guardians, teachers, librarians and specialists. All committed to diversity, literacy and most importantly, our children. You are always welcome to join!

  • Our Goal 

We hope to help foster and further develop a school community in which all students see themselves in the pages of classroom texts, and are exposed to cultures and perspectives from our diverse community and beyond.

Expect the first book to be announced in October.

Kathy Price, PS372 parent & CEC District 15 representative

  • Gil Hodges Garden – Carroll St. & Denton Pl. This community garden was kept locked until last year when we as a school community signed the PS 372 Childrens’ Pledge to be responsible neighbors for the Garden.
  • Kathy is a liaison to CEC 15, which acts essentially as the school board for our district. Meetings are open to the public. Stay informed!


We need you! Please let us know if you would like to help at any of these events. We rely on volunteers to make all of our events take place:

  • Lice Days – first one is 10/4. Professionals handle lice checks, we wrangle kids.
  • Pizza Fridays – first one is 10/11. Sign up to help hand out pizza, both early & late shifts available.
  • Book Fair – November 13-14. Volunteers will be needed for set up, sales and clean up. Book fairs are held at both ICT and ASD. All classes get a chance to visit. Parents can visit during Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Roots & Community – November 23rd. School-wide celebration of heritage & community. Planning committee is forming now. Saturday event. 
  • Read-A-Thon (the month of February) – promotes reading by tracking minutes for the month
  • Valentine’s Day Dance (February 8th) – evening dance party for the whole family
  • Arts & Science Day (March 7th) – Our gym turns into a hands-on, activity-filled exploration of arts and science. Printing, kitemaking, architecture, painting, motorized inventions, etc.
  • Gala & Silent Auction (March 27th) – Major fundraiser and Parent-only event, relaxed party and fundraising via online auction, bidding can get fierce!
  • Health, Wellness & Happiness Fair (May 16) 
  • School Carnival (June 10) – in-school kids party celebrating another year of fun and learning



9/14     New Family Potluck picnic (12-3:30pm) in the big yard


10/4      Lice Check #1 (Follow-up on 10/7)

10/4     Clothing/Costume Swap and Movie Night in Gym

10/10    General PTA Meeting – 8:30am in Cafeteria

10/11    Pizza Friday Begins

10/30    Picture Day (ICT site)

PS 372 GEAR – Show your school spirit!

Lots of cool new items are here! Gear is available in our online store on Konstella and items are delivered to the child’s classroom.

Number of attendees: 60