September 2023 General PTA Meeting Minutes


September 13, 2023


Notes incorporate questions from the chat forum where relevant.


2023-24 PTA BOARD
Co-Presidents: Katherine Beto (5-1 and 2-3 mom) & Raquel Cunha (3-1 mom)
Co-Vice Presidents:  Scotte Hardin (5-2 mom) & Melissa Melkumov
Co-Treasurers: Damon Duke & Farah Franqui
Recording Secretary: Claire Howorth (K-1 and 4-1 mom)
Adelphi St. Parent Representative: Katie Hedge
Adelphi St. Staff Co-Representatives: Amy Vagelatos & Wendy Cruz
Carroll St. Staff Rep: TBD
Class Parent Coordinator: Meredith Martin
Members-at-Large: Todd Jolly (K-2 dad)
New Parent Rep: Aubrey DeCarlo (PreK-1 mom) & Sascha Weiss (K-2 and 3-1 mom)
Ex-Officio: Michelle Dobson (5-3 mom)

Everyone with a child at PS 372 is automatically part of the PTA—there’s no need to join!


  • School Updates from Ms. Rosa & the APs
  • Parent updates from Ms. Yvette
  • Konstella overview and tips from Sarah Graham
  • Class Parent Overview from Meredith Martin, Class Parent Coordinator
  • Stay & Play After-School Program with Michelle Dobson
  • PTA Bylaws Amendment & Election with Raquel Cunha
  • Upcoming PTA Events


Works toward building a school community through school-wide events for families and children to meet and have fun

  • Since our school is not a zoned, neighborhood school, we have families from all over District 15 and beyond.
  • We plan events to draw our community together, helping children and parents meet and enjoy activities together

We support our school, providing programs and materials that expand the curriculum for all students 

  • We have several major fundraisers each year to raise money to support these efforts


  • Pizza Friday
  • Direct Appeal – Check for Matching Gift Programs! 
  • Spring Auction & Party
  • Gear Sales –
  • Readathon
  • Other fundraising events (Yankees, Nets games, etc.)

*We welcome parents to take the lead on new fundraising opportunities. If you have new ideas, please email them to 


  • Expanding classroom libraries & the Carroll & Adelphi St. Libraries
  • Curriculum extensions for all students at both sites, such as:
    • Chess & Architecture programs 
    • China, Egypt, and South Africa study activities 
    • Thunderbird Indian Dancers
    • Alvin Ailey dance program
  • The One School, One Book Project
  • School improvements, such as: window shades, air conditioners and air filters in cafeteria, sound system in gym
  • Mini-grants for all classrooms, specialists, and therapists for materials, activities, projects, and trips
  • Removed admission charges from all school-based PTA events
  • Support school garden activities and curriculum tie-ins
  • Field Day, Teacher Appreciation Lunch, and end-of-year activities


PS 372 Principal Rosa Amato

Assistant Principals

Bridget Nash (Safety & Special Education)

Frank Ammirata (Curriculum)

Josh Baez (General) 

Unit Coordinator, Adelphi St. Kianah Smith

Parent Coordinator Yvette Agaz-Bautz

Dean of Students Maura O’Grady 

Special Education Coordinator Barbara Clark

School-Based Support Team Lead Ann Dolan

Main Office Child Attendance and Lateness Please email both:

  Christine Corcoran 

  Annette Stuto

Nurse Cameese Hawkins

• Rosa runs two sites at the same time, one school in two districts: the Carroll Street site (District 15) and the Adelphi Street site (city-wide District 75). She reports to the D75 administration, but she stays connected to the D15 initiatives and administration.

• Dismissal for Carroll Street begins at 2:45pm—we’ve had a lot of questions about that. We’ve also had a lot of busing problems in the first week that we hope to resolve with the busing companies soon. If you have a bus concern, Maura O’Grady is handling that. 

• Emails: In the past our school had its own domain ( but this year, we have to use the NYC DOE domain. All teachers and admin will have their emails posted in a spreadsheet to Konstella (as of this meeting, not yet published). 

• If you set the alarm off, please stand there and wait for a staff member to come to the door. It may be embarrassing but it helps the staff understand that a student has not left the building.

• We fully support asylum-seeking families at our school and have 10 new students this year. We will continue to seek donations of food, clothing, and other goods, particularly as we go into the holidays. If you are a Spanish-speaking family, we may reach out to you for language services help, or please reach out to us. 


Lindsey, Ziggy’s mom; Erynne Dowe & Chris Zalla volunteer


“Every Student, Every Day”

  • More time in school means your child will get the social-emotional and academic support they need to thrive, learn, and be happy
  • Did you know that a student with 90% attendance has missed one month of school by the end of the year? That is just 2 absences a month.
  • Arriving to school on time at 8:10am. Gates close at 8:20am 
  • Teacher’s responsibility as part of the Chancellor’s regulations and DOE initiative of Every Student, Every Day is to outreach for every unknown student absence. Please communicate with your child’s teacher if they will not be in attendance.
  • We also know getting to school isn’t always easy. We are here to support you
  • For additional support you may email Josh Baez:


  • Curriculum Conferences (9/25-10/6), Specialists to follow (10/10-10/16)
  • Professional Learning HMH Into Reading (Carroll Street) and AllPoints Structured Teaching (Adelphi Street) 
  • Carroll Street: Into Reading (Grades 1 and 4), Heggerty (K) Adelphi Street: Readtopia


Grades K-2: Acadience and MAP Growth Math

Grades 3-5: MAP Growth Reading and Math 

  • Beginning-of-Year (BOY) September 18, 2023 – October 27, 2023 

(November 10, 2023 Make Ups) 

  • Middle-of-Year (MOY) January 2, 2024 – February 9, 2024 

(February 16, 2024  Make Ups)

  • End-of-Year (EOY) May 1, 2024 – June 14, 2024 

June 21, 2024 (Make Ups) 


  • We are required to have 8 evacuation drills and 4 lockdown drills per year.
  • Teachers have access to child friendly resources and lessons to support children.
  • We will host a Safety Town Hall (TBA)
  • Safety Protocols Throughout the school
  • Please refer to:

Parent Guide to School Safety and Emergency Preparedness


PARENT: Is it possible to get a heads-up before the fire evacuation drill/lockdown drills? Just asking for the kiddos that benefit from a pep talk the morning of said drill.

Bridget: Technically we are not allowed to announce drill dates in advance but we will try to help you prepare for them.

Rosa: We will be doing a fire evacuation drill this coming week. You may begin to prepare the kiddo.

Some info on lockdown drill laws:

For kids that are sound sensitive, can they wear headphones during drills if we provide them in their backpacks?

Rosa & Bridget: Headphones are a great solution. We have headphones, or you can send a pair to leave at school. 

Who is the best person to email if our child needs them?

Most classrooms have them, and you can email your child’s teachers or Barbara Clark, who coordinates IEPs: 

Arrival 8:10am-8:20am

Dismissal begins at 2:45pm

5th Grade middle school admissions: NYC schools account (NYCSA) Information on creating account will be sent home via backpacks in the next week or so.

  • Mondays – Adelphi Street Campus; Tuesday-Friday Carroll Street Site
  • Contact:; (178)624-5271 ext 1110
  • Monday, September 25 – School Closed Yom Kippur
  • Parents as Partners Starts October 7th (Reading)

Monthly menu sent via Konstella, but please note that sometimes the food on the monthly calendar does not match what is delivered to the school.

We are beginning a breakfast program. Breakfast will begin at 7:55.  If you’re interested in breakfast, please come to the gate at Whitwell place at 7:55.  The gate will be open for 10 minutes.  Once closed, the kiddos that wish to eat breakfast will have to grab and go to the classroom with it. The gate will reopen at 8:10 for regular arrival.


PARENT: How does breakfast work for kids who arrive on the bus?

BRIDGET: Bus students who wish to eat breakfast go to the cafeteria. 

Do you know what time the pre-k kids are served breakfast? The bussed pre-k kids have been arriving about an hour late so trying to get a sense if they are missing breakfast.

ROSA: Breakfast will always be available for the pre-k students in the classroom daily. All children eat when they arrive. If the bus is late, no worries, kids go to the classroom where their breakfast is waiting.

We’ve heard that pre-k lunches that are served will be nut, soy and dairy free but wanted to see if that’s in place yet or we should be sending alternative lunches if the menu has an allergen our kids can’t have for now?

ROSA: There is a sign outside each classroom door saying what foods are allowed in that classroom. We do not have birthday parties, all parties are crafts, books, songs, dancing. Please do not bring snacks or goodie bags. 


Konstella is a great way to communicate with admins and fellow parents, as well as class parents and PTA. The key to its helpfulness (not always apparent) is the settings

  • Sign up & Register 
  • Messages from school administration, including emergency announcements, are delivered via Konstella.
  • P.T.A. events, news and volunteer sign-up sheets are published here as well
  • Classrooms, grades and Bus Routes can all have chats
  • Direct messaging to other school parents
  • Email with your child’s name and class for an invite. 
  • Key to Konstella’s helpfulness is in the settings. 
  • If you need help, check Konstella page on under “For Families.
  • Emailed messages can be translated: Top right corner of each email message shows the translate option. Uses Google translate, so many languages are available. 
  • Notifications can be tailored: if you are using the bus routes, make sure Chat Messages are set to go out immediately to you. 


  • What is a class parent? Responsibilities include:
    • Manage communication for classroom events
    • Important liaison between PTA, families, and teachers
    • Attend PTA meetings and encourage fellow parents to attend
    • Solicit volunteers for school events (Roots & Community, Gala/Auction, etc.)
    • Organize a Class Directory or Play Date Book (Youngest grades)
    • Coordinate donations from parents for classroom teachers
    • Organize production of Staff Appreciation Day projects with class

Meredith’s goal and role is to make the parent community feel involved, encourage engagement and assistance with PTA functions, fundraising, classroom needs, etc. 

In terms of comms w the teachers, it’s helpful for them to have class parent liaisons who can solicit supplies like paper towels, etc. 

If you’re interested in being a class parent or want to know, please email Meredith:


  • Stay&Play! is a PTA sponsored program: We strive to provide the PS 372 Families with a fun, inclusive and affordable after school program which empowers and supports our children’s growing bodies and minds by providing thoughtful and engaged leadership that encourages play and friendship.
  • How does the Stay&Play Program Work?
    • Available to all PS 372 students (PreK – 5)
    • Separates kids by grades (EC, 1-2, 3-5)
    • Every school day from 3pm until 6:00pm
    • Financial assistance is available 
    • Drop ins welcome
    • More Info visit:
    • Questions? Email Michelle Dobson at


We vote yea on the following 

  • Meeting formats (in-person, virtual, and hybrid) 
  • PTA may utilize a bank/debit card to pay for goods and services to a vendor in certain circumstances, getting approval from 2 officers in a Disbursement Form.
  • New positions added to non-mandatory EB officers
    • Adelphi St. Parent Representative
    • Adelphi St. Staff Representative
    • Carroll St. Staff Representative

*Full document will be on the website and on Konstella.*


  • We are looking for bilingual parents who would be willing to work as translators for PTA flyers and information sheets.
  • PTA and school events need volunteer photographers to document events (photo/video) to be shared with the school community (slideshows, end-of-year celebrations) 


9/20    Bike to School Day – Ms. Emily

9/23 Yankees Game 1:05 pm – Only 2 tickets left! 

9/30  New Families Picnic – Big Yard at Carroll St. Campus -12-3pm


10/6 Parents As Partners (Reading) after drop-off

10/13 Pizza Friday Session I Begins

10/18 General PTA Meeting – 6:45pm virtual meeting

10/20 Lice Day at Carroll St. Campus

10/23 Picture Day at Carroll St. Campus

10/27 Movie Night in Big Yard at Carroll St. Campus – movie TBA


11/2 Picture Day at Adelphi St. Campus

11/3 Parents as Partners (Math) after drop off

11/8 Bike to School Day

11/9 Parent-Teacher Conferences

11/15 November General PTA Meeting 6:45pm(Virtual)

11/18 Roots & Community Carroll St. Campus Site 5-8pm

11/18 Brooklyn Nets Game vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 3 pm