On Dec. 20, 2017 the School Leadership Team of The Children’s School (“The SLT”) held its regular meeting at 7:30am.

  • November Minutes: No quorum, approval will be held over to next meeting.

Principal’s Update

  • Welcome to parent attending as guest.
  • Letter about use of online devices by children to/from school has been finalized and will go home in English and Spanish today.
  • Second letter to go home to talk about “Your body belongs to you” for K, 1 and 2.
    • Counselors will be coming to the school to discuss with children twice a year. Will study one book, and additional books and resources will be made available to families.
    • For 3, 4 and 5, the teachers in 5 address hygiene and taking care of your body.
    • Letter will be sent via SLT and give parents option to opt out of these classes.
  • General discussion about gender equity, character building, boundaries and respect for bodies.
    • Not just about prevention, but the school’s reaction. Need robust and consistent response. Consider whether a 3rd party should handle response, but sourcing such an organization is more difficult than expected. Speaking with DOE.
    • In relation to gender equity, student body is 62% male. Perception that there is a lot of space dedicated to boys’ activities. School has set up co-ed tournaments in 4th and 5th grade that involves boys and girls. Social worker is going to come in and work with parents. Have 50 staff members trained in responsive classroom level 1 and 2.
    • Wellness Committee should discuss further and update the Inclusions website to make social emotional policies easier to access.
  • Parent Academy – One Saturday per month
  • Grant for the Arts – Family arts collaborative – For Ms. Sandi
  • Administration to look into why no funds from STEM grant in the borough went to our school

UFT Update

  • No report

PTA Update

  • Winter Festival today.
    • 3rd Grade running bake sale.
    • Lots of new merchandise for sale too.
  • Arts/Science day
    • Now on January 27th.
    • 4th grade doing fundraising.
  • Another Lice Day scheduled for January 12, with follow up on January 16.
  • Konstella – trying to get training for teachers so more teachers will use it.
  • Pizza Friday – first cycle ends January 26, 2nd cycle will follow.
  • Mini Grants
    • Working on some larger ideas such as A/C in cafeteria, shades in gym, water bottle fountains. Doing research on various ideas.
    • Also look at submitting to participatory budget process. Information from Brad Lander’s office is to focus on a diversity proposal that benefits whole community (i.e., not just PS 372).

Committee Updates

Diversity Committee

  • The Diversity Committee has been working on outreach in preparation for Kindergarten registration for the 2018-2019 school year.  Groups have been visiting Pre-K and community centers in Red Hook, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Gowanus and Kensington.
  • On December 3rd, there was a free concert at the Gowanus Houses which engaged people of the community to learn about the Children’s School and let people know that PS372 is an option along with their zoned schools for families residing in the Gowanus Houses.
  • We have a PS372 application which is being used during outreach events that will help us track and follow up on families that showed interest in the Children’s School.
  • Michele Greenberg, David Tipson, Bridget Nash and Shari Zisman met with Vicky Sells from Brad Lander’s office to discuss outreach and funding opportunities to the D15 schools involved in the diversity pilot program.  Brad and his staffers realize the need for outreach support for diversity initiatives within D15 and beyond and is working on a plan.
  • Michele Greenberg testified at a City Council Meeting on December 7th on the need for more funding and support for diversity outreach initiatives.
  • Yvette will be leading small tours with translators when necessary for families that learn about the school during through outreach events.

Social-Emotional Community Building Committee:

  • Student council working on spirit days, collage days, spirit Fridays. Chose charity (“All Hands” – supports people affected by disasters) for donating funds. Helped give tours on open day. Council has been a success so far. Have started visiting lower grades and talking to them about what they want.

Wellness Committee:

  • Grant money has come in and has been allocated to meditation training for 3-5th grades in lead up to state testing, which is typically a stressful time. Monkey Do will run program over 4 weeks.
  • Planning inaugural Wellness Fair – suggested name is Health, Wellness and Happiness Fair.

Date of Next Meeting: January 17, 2018.

Meeting ended @ 8:25 am.

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