SLT Meeting Minutes, December 19, 2018

The Children’s School


Minutes – December 19, 2018


Meeting called to order @ 7:30



  • October minutes approved
  • Chris Fladgate volunteered to serve as backup secretary
    • Matt Miller to complete November minutes and the two will rotate moving forward


Principal Update:

  • Recent Evacuation
    • School has de-brief meeting with parents on 12/18.
    • On 12/12 school PTA received email about threat to school. School was evacuated quickly (main building – within 3 mins; pre-K and K building – within 3 minutes) around 1:15pm.
    • Got OK to relocate immediately. 429 children 116 adults to PS 32.
    • Buses re-routed and notification to parents around 2:30pm. Cannot notify parents until senior field counsel from DOE approves it.
    • Parents have asked for text messaging system in future
    • All children fine. One child very upset.
    • Kids released after parents had signed for children plus enrichment, after school and buses.
    • Cannot take photos and post on social media. Certain parents were told to remove photos from social media.
    • Parents on SLT felt it went very well and school should be commended on their quick and professional response.


CEP Update:

  • Had a good meeting in November
  • Looked at how administration is tracking current goals
  • Next meetings:
    • January 9, 4:30pm: input in parent handbook
    • February 28, 4:30pm: goal #5 – reading data



Meeting ended: 8:16am


Date of next meeting: January 16, 2019.