SLT Meeting Minutes, November 21, 2018


SLT Agenda


November 21, 2018


Meeting commenced at 7:35 AM.


  1. Juliet Kaye – senior Director of Pre-K and K Admissions
  • PS372 only 1 of 3 schools not in DOE enrollment process.
  • Here to talk about moving PS372 into DOE process.
  • Only filling General Education seats.
  • Seats are filled based on order of priorities.
  • Will maintain diversity in admissions pilot (30% of General Education seats).
  • General discussion followed.
  • Handout provided by Ms. Kaye attached.


  1. CEP Subcommittee Meeting
  • 11/29/18 4:30 to 5:30pm, Room 301.
  • General discussion about CEP goals and metrics to establish whether goals are being met and how to set new goals.


  1. Wellness Committee
  • Will make short presentation at all teachers meeting and take questions from teachers about wellness priorities and perspectives.


  1. Outstanding Items
  • The proposed changes to the Bylaws will be voted on at the December meetings


Meeting concluded at 8:25 AM.


Date of next meeting: December 19, 2018, but will be changed. Probably to December 12, 2018.