SLT Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2018

Meeting called to order @ 7:30



  • November and December minutes approved
  • Discuss DOE SLT survey
    • In place to gauge how many schools have full/active SLT
    • What is discussed/covered?
  • February meeting was scheduled during the break
    • Re-scheduled for Wed. 2/28

Principal Update:

  • School closed Fri. 2/16 + entire week following (2/19-2/23)
    • Similar situation in March/April (school closed Fri. 3/30 + 4/2-4/6)
  • Summer school dates: Teachers report 7/2; classes 7/3 – 8/14 (no class 7/4)
  • K-2 “Your Body Belongs to You” program has begun
    • Will be conducted 2x/year October; Jan/Feb
    • 3 will be added to the K-2 program
    • 4-5 will have Puberty lessons w/Mr. C, which will include a lesson on HIV
      • 4-5 parents will have an opportunity to opt their child out of these lessons
    • PK will do lessons from the book “Your Body”
    • PD for all teachers


UFT Update:

  • US Supreme Court is hearing the Janice Case
    • Healthcare worker in Chicago is fighting (with the aid of charter school networks) being forced to pay union dues
    • Being followed closely by the UFT
  • This will be Mr. Michael’s final year as the UFT rep
    • Will announce this at the next union meeting
    • As of right now, not retiring; just stepping down from union representative duties


PTA Update:

  • Spending items approved at January meeting
    • AC fir cafeteria
    • Mirrors for ASD dance classroom
    • Lighting for outdoor recess yard
    • Water bottle filling water fountains
      • Filtered water
      • Start with 1 (cafeteria) so that Mike can figure out how to pump the water up a few inches to the drain, install the units, etc.
    • Storage container for recess yard
  • Email to be sent to teachers soon for one time grant proposals
    • Due beginning of February
  • Families in shelters fund
    • PTA can’t raise money directly for families in shelters/temporary housing
    • Spoke with Ms. Rosa about a small committee in the SLT to conduct one or more fundraisers dedicated to raise money for supplies to support families in temporary housing
    • Similar to Ms. Sandi and Mr. Michael passing hats at the Winter Fest for a specific cause or having the proceeds from a specific item sold at an event dedicated to supporting a cause
    • Paula on board with doing this at the Wellness day in May
      • Perhaps popcorn or seltzer water
      • Specific and “announced” way to finance a need
    • Start a fund for basic emergency supplies
      • Not about paying for hotels/housing; it is about basic supplies (clothes, health/cleaning products, food, etc.)
      • Possibly an Amazon wishlist
      • Looking for someone on SLT to run with this
    • Upcoming Events
      • Pizza Friday Session 1 ends 1/26; Session 2 begins 2/2
      • Arts & Science Day – 1/27
      • Valentine’s Day Dance – 2/10
      • Read-a-thon – Month of February
      • Auction – 4/21
      • Health, Wellness, Happiness – 5/19


Committee Updates


Diversity Committee:


  • The Diversity Committee has primarily focused on outreach.
    • The Outreach Sub-Committee group met on January 5th to discuss outreach efforts.
    • Michele followed up with Yvette to see how many people are signing up for tours based on outreach efforts.  We want to track outreach efforts.  How did the person learn about our school? Who signs up for a tour? Who attends a tour?  Who registers with the DOE? Who receives a spot at 372?
    • Brad Lander sent out a letter to D15 families reminding them of the diversity pilot program initiative.  PS372 was listed. Vicky Sells from Brad’s office wrote to follow up and say the letter should have gone out sooner.  Next year we will remind Brad’s office earlier in the year, to send out this letter to D15 families.
    • We hope to meet with leaders at Gowanus Houses to talk about next steps
    • Outreach volunteers will continue to drop of flyers and visit preschools and community organizations in Red Hook and Sunset Park.  January 12th is the kindergarten registration deadline.
    • We plan to contact BNS and PS133 to start conversations and compare notes about outreach and efforts and more.


Social-Emotional Community Building Committee:

  • Raised $1000 @ Winter Fest è proceeds to charity to aid Puerto Rico
  • Posters up w/students elected to student council
    • Each student signed a contract to outline their behavior and participation
  • Meet weekly with peers to discuss what they want to see in PS 372
  • Help with college awareness day
  • Show Your Love – February
    • Tied to respect for all and loosely tied to Valentine’s Day
    • No candy grams
  • Spirit Month – March
    • Every Wednesday is a new theme (Wacky Wednesday, Twin Day, etc.)
    • 3/21 tied to Down Syndrome Awareness – crazy sock day + fund raiser
  • Working on a movie night


Wellness Committee:

  • Next meeting 2/23 – some kind of flyer to be distributed
    • Focus on involvement/volunteers for Wellness fair (sat., May 19)
    • Wellness fair will help raise money for students in temporary housing (see PTA update)
    • Meeting Fri, 1/19 with Monkey Do re: running a meditation workshop in Gr. 3-5 classrooms – one of the beneficiaries of the grant awarded


Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 28