SLT Meeting Minutes, February 28, 2018

Meeting called to order @ 7:30



  • 3 Guests in attendance – Jenine Delorenzo (safety/walk-out), Ben Crum (parent/teacher – safety), Liza Gouger (PTA)
  • January minutes approved


Principal Update:

  • Introducing science/engineering week 5/21-5/25 during science testing week
    • All grades will participate
  • Introducing Parent Academy Sat. 3/10
    • Art w/kids + parents; cyber safety (parents only)
  • Test dates: ELA 4/11-4/12; Math 5/1-5/2; Science Performance 5/23-6/1, Written 6/4
    • We traditionally have a lot of opt outs for ELA/Matt
  • Submitting $100K grant proposal for playground to be updated with Senator Hamilton
  • Cindy Day asked for our participation in gun safety walk-outs 3/14, 4/30
    • Rosa will meet with teachers Mon (3/5) to decide if we will participate, in what capacity, and how to explain/connect w/younger students
    • Speak with NYPD youth officer Jerry Galante
  • All D15 principals & private schools signed letter to Trump Administration re: gun violence


Ben Crum:


  • Concerned about vulnerability; are we doing all we can?
    • A heavily armed person could walk right in the unlocked front door
    • Flimsy classroom doors/locks
    • Open door policy allows strangers in building at any time
  • Rosa – Since 2016 the doors are no longer wide open
    • Rules about entrances for specific purposes
    • Open door policy applies to scheduled events; NOT for anyone to enter at any time
    • Administration does active shooter training
    • Looking into door stops for inside classrooms
    • We are scheduling a special meeting to continue this discussion


UFT Update:

  • Michaelmannounced he will not run again for UFT rep
    • 2-3 people expressed interest in running
    • Election anticipated in May



PTA Update:

  • Read-a-thon ended today (2/28)
  • Asking for 1-time grant proposals
    • Due this week
    • Only 2 submitted thus far
  • Auction gala – 4/27
    • Theme is 80s prom


Committee Updates


Diversity Committee:


  • Meeting 3/1 @ 6pm
  • We are on the ballot in Brad Lander’s district for participatory budget for an outreach program for $15K
  • Parents/students expressed concern about attending events
    • May be able to participate more if there were transportation options
      • Explore options (car service, bus, metro cards, etc.)


Social-Emotional Community Building Committee:

  • March = spirit month
    • Crazy hat 3/7
    • Crazy socks 3/21 for Down Syndrome Awareness
    • Wacky Wednesday 3/28
    • Fridays – school spirit; wear 372 gear
  • Penny drive in March to support Park Slope Women’s Shelter and Down Syndrome charity


Wellness Committee:

  • Gender inclusion – re-schedule to include Maura
  • A lot of interest for Wellness Fair
    • How do we start taking action/getting help?
  • Applying for a grant @ Target for $1000
    • Recess activities or after school activities
    • Science supplies
    • Must be items to be purchased at Target


Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 21