SLT Meeting Minutes, May 2021

Meeting called to order @ 6:45pm, May 5, 2021


● Minutes from April meeting approved 

New Business 

● Reports from Sub-Committees: 

○ Diversity 

■ Opening committee up to school community; letter going out to parents 

■ Conducted a drop-in visit with Emily and Aida’s 4-4 remote class to get kids’ input on our mission statement; very impressed with their insights and suggestions 

■ Supporting funding for purchasing of diverse books for classroom libraries 

■ One Book One School stalled when Ms Ina left the school, but funding is there to get it going again 

■ Shout out to Frank for all his work on the Roots and Community event 

○ SEC 

■ Sip & Chat in partnership with SEL scheduled for May 12 @ 7pm 

■ Open to all parents 

○ CEP met on Monday 3/1 

■ Moved to next week 

Principal’s Report 

● Summer School: 

○ Students with 12-month IEPs are eligible for Chapter 683 (located in our Carroll St site)

○ Hours are 8am-2:30pm 

○ D15 students eligible for Summer Rising (not at our building) 

■ Hours are 8am-6pm 

■ 8am-12pm focused on academics 

■ 12pm-6pm offers camp-like activities 

■ D75 kids can be bussed from our site to a Summer Rising location if needed

○ Possible remote option for D75 students

● Graduation: 

○ K stepping up ceremonies will be in classrooms 

○ No parents in person; ceremony live streamed 

○ 5th grade: virtual decision being reconsidered 

○ Maybe inviting graduates to a “homecoming” celebration in the fall 

○ Unofficial graduation party being held in Prospect Park (school is not involved in any way; not a sanctioned event; totally planned by parents) 

○ 5th grade breakfast will be held outside 

● 2021-2022 calendar is out 

○ Juneteenth added as a day off 

○ Columbus Day is being called Indigenous Peoples’ Day/Italian Heritage Day ● Matt asked how the DOE is planning on ensuring that all students will have remote access if schools have to clse suddenly next year considering all devices issued for 2020-2021 school year must be returned? 

PTA Report 

● Stay-at-Home Gala raised $15,000 

● Roots & Community was a success 

● School garden (corner of Denton and 1st St) is up and running again 

● PTA/SLT elections will be held in May 

Next meeting: 6/1 at 6:45pm 


CEP SubCommittee Meeting 


Present: Frank Ammirata, Sumeet Thadani 

6:30-6:59 PM 

Updates from last session: 

● Email sent out to staff re: use of coding materials. One staff member responded that she uses coding during units in December and June. 

● Briefly reviewed AIS (Academic Intervention Services) data and students working towards individualized goals based on school data in FilePro. 3 AIS teachers were not able to continue into the second 6 week cycle. However, some blended remote teachers are providing pull out interventions during the day. Students receiving support in math, Fundations, and LLI 

● Reviewed the purchases of Lee and Low Guided Reading Materials 

Materials received to support instruction and CEP goals:

● A few math games order by Beth to support problem solving and fluency

● Additional Do The Math Workbooks 

● LLI Kits and replacement packets 

● Culturally Responsive additions to our Guided Reading Materials for both sites

Next Steps: 

● Begin thinking about coding opportunities for next year as a studio, club or enrichment if permitted. Review Python to support coding for upper grade students, Block coding for lower grades. See if staff is interested in leading any of these components. A robotics component could be added to this. If /when we go back to after school enrichment, consider coding vendors who can support engagement in this work and align our tech needs. 

● We will need to draft new CEP goals for next year. Draft must be submitted by 6/30/21

Next CEP Subcommittee meeting June 1st