October 12, 2011
Team members present: Danita, Artie, Ira, Michael, Janine, Fred, Alison, Adrienne, Gillian, Betsy, Steve Cathy.
Minutes by Alison
I. Welcome
II. Updates
A. Artie: No news on expansion but he is in regular contact with Office of Portfolio. 5th grade parents reacted positively to the news that expansion might happen. Ira: Even more clarity would be welcome. No date yet on CEP due to organizational changes of document. Main part will be the same but other parts will be restructured. No timeline yet. Still waiting on contract from archdiocese. Seeking 15-20 year lease. Playground can’t be confirmed until contract is in place.
B. Steve: Nothing to report re: UFT
C. Alison: Everything in PTA going smoothly.
III. Diversity Committee
A. Discussion regarding past and present mission of committee discussed. Concerns were expressed about the Diversity Committee’s minutes and references to inclusiveness for working-class families. Strong disagreements were expressed concerning our two admissions zones for the general ed. lottery. We’ll return to this topic in more depth at the next meeting.
Because the Diversity Committee conversation took some time, the other standing committees did not have an opportunity to report.

Next meeting: Wed. October 26. Betsy will take minutes.

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