Staff Appreciation Day

Volunteer on June 4th. This is Chancellor's Day--a full day off from school. Many people come with their children who really enjoy helping out too.

Staff Appreciation Day is on June 4th, and your help is needed!

Every year the Children’s School at both sites host a sit-down catered lunch for staff and teachers as an end of year appreciation of their hard work and dedication. This event is happening next week. We’re asking parents to please step in and help with the one day we get to say thank you to all those who work so hard for our kids. Here’s how you can give your support:

1. Class cards. To make this day memorable for all our staff and teachers, each class creates cards, booklets, banners, pictures, etc to put on tables and walls which are signed or have a short messages from the kids for their teachers. In the past, some parents have also done banners signed by the kids, or a project of your choosing to express your gratitude to your class room teachers and paras. These projects can be dropped off by Wednesday June 3rd in the PTA Office.

2. Volunteers for June 4th. This is Chancellor’s Day–a full day off from school–so we understand if you aren’t available that day. But, if you’ve been looking for an enjoyable way of giving back to the Children’s School teachers and staff who have spent so many hours putting their hearts and minds into helping our children grow and learn, here’s your big chance! Many people come with their children who really enjoy helping out too. SO, we need folks to set up tables, decorate, give out raffle tickets during the lunch and clean up afterward. Here’s the schedule for the day with the number of volunteers needed:

9:30 – 11am SET UP (10 volunteers needed)

11 – 1pm: Give out raffle tickets & cheer! (4 volunteers needed)

1 – 2 CLEAN UP (10 volunteers needed)

If you have questions or can help for an hour or two (or more) at any point during the day please email It will be much appreciated! Here is the link to sign up:


Hilary Bromberg & Michele Greenberg
Staff Appreciation Co-chairs