The Social Underground

The Social Underground offers dynamic social thinking groups geared towards students with Asperger’s syndrome and other social-cognitive challenges including nonverbal learning disabilities, semantic/pragmatic communication disorder, and ADHD.

Building on individual strengths and interests, we explore:

• learning cognitively how to think socially & taking the perspective of others

• pragmatic language & reading body language and other social clues

• problem solving through teamwork

•thinking together in a group

•flexibility- when it’s needed it & how to use it!

We are currently screening new students for the following groups:
8 & 9 year old group (Mondays at 3:45); 9 & 10 year old group (Mondays at 4:55); 11-14 year old group (Tuesdays at 4:30); 7 & 8 year old girl’s group (Wednesdays at 3:30);5 & 6 year old boy’s group (Thursdays at 3:45); and 13-15 year old boy’s group (Thursdays at 5:00). We are also looking to form a 13-15 year old girls group.

Groups are held in Park Slope and are facilitated by Susan Brennan, a speech and language pathologist, and Lauren Hough and Aaron Lanou, who are both special educators.

Please email us at for more information!