UFT Chapter: Boycott of Staples Stores

Dear Children’s School families,

I’m writing this email on behalf of our UFT chapter, and Michael O’Neill, our chapter leader. We would like to inform you that our union has joined a national labor boycott of Staples. Since we’re in school-supply season, we thought you might be interested in this information.

The AFL-CIO, of which the American Postal Workers Union is a member (as are all of our school unions), has asked that union members and the general public boycott Staples to prevent the Staples-U.S. Postal Service deal that threatens to close post offices and replace postal service jobs with low-wage non-union jobs at Staples. You can read all about it at http://stopstaples.com/ . The AFT resolution to join the Staples boycott is at http://aft.org/about/resolution_detail.cfm?articleid=19592 . Also, see the box labeled Resolutions: Staples boycott approved at http://www.uft.org/news-stories/mulgrew-warns-tenure-ruling-ramifications .

Thank you. See you in September.

Steve Quester