A Green Winter Fest

PS 372 Students Reuse, Reduce & Recycle --And You Can Too!

On December 18, PS 372’s main site will host a green Winter Festival. While the talented students and clubs are sure to put on a fantastic show, there will be excitement on the sidelines, too.The PTA will sell refreshments like coffee, fruit and hand-crafted baked goods.Instead of water bottles, we’ll serve ice water from coolers. (Bring your own reusable cup for water and coffee!) 

This Winter Fest, parents and family members can experience their coffee and snacks PS 372 cafeteria style, just like the kids do! You are invited to follow the students lead in good green citizenship by Sorting 2 Save. What does that mean? Sort your refreshment waste to help save the trees, the birds and the Polar bears. This student-made media shows how.

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