Mid-July Report Card: Summer School Teachers On Garden Activities

It’s still early days in summer school (and the growing season) but several teachers and staffers have already incorporated the garden into their classrooms.

CarrotSeedMs. Lori’s kindergarteners toured the garden last week and related it to The Carrot Seed. Students were asked what they’d grow in their garden and drew and wrote about the plant they would grow. Soon, they will pick basil to add to their English muffin pizzas, and they’ll measure and record how tall their sunflowers (that they planted from seed this Spring) have grown.

Dance teacher Ms. Sandi reports that her students are doing some garden dances and learning songs, including La Arana Piqua and The Garden Song (Inch By Inch) . (Click here to see John Denver perform his popular version on The Muppet Show or go here to watch songwriter Dave Mallet sing it live in concert).

Ms. Sam’s speech students planted a variety of beans last week.

imgres-1Meanwhile, Mr. Joe’s 5th graders watered the pollinator planters on Denton Place (using the faucet and hose; one of the rain barrels isn’t working).

Next, they will reprise the garden cook off, (See the winning dish and more pics and stats from last summer

here) In the photo below, Mr. Unyque shows off the squash from last year’s crop that was used in the competition.  This year, students will compete as well as teachers. Stay tuned for the dishes and the results!

unyqueSquashTeachers, parents, paras, administrators and all staff are welcome to share recipes and photos! Please send them to garden@ps372pta.org. Thank you.

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