SLT Meeting Minutes, April 18, 2018

Meeting called to order @ 7:30



  • February and March minutes approved


New SLT Member Election:

  • New UFT rep will replace Michael
  • 4 additional staff are up for election: Sharon, Shari, and Unique will be running again; Toni Anne will not be running
  • 2 parents are up for election: David and Paula will not be running for re-election


SLT Meeting Format/Time:

  • Some interest in changing the format to include more topics for discussion and less updates
    • In order to change the format, the bylaws would need to be changed
    • Committee updates could be done via email
  • Some evening meetings to be considered for next year


Question: When does SBO vote take place for school day schedule?

  • Expectation is that schedule will remain the same as this year (no vote)


Principal Update:

  • Considering a meditation program under school budget
    • Very popular in the Gr. 3-5 classrooms
  • Safety
    • Approval for 7 new classroom doors (out of 18); no install date yet
    • Testing options to prop door shut
    • Need to amend open door policy – especially for arrival of lower grades
    • Parents must have ID – security policy
    • Possibly consider needing invitations for classroom events
    • Teachers discussed safety – very positive feedback
  • Construction is ongoing; hoping for September completion
  • Exploring PD for recess with Kids in the Game
    • Too expensive to hire outside personnel/programs to manage recess
    • Possibly use parent volunteers – Would need firm commitments for specific lunch clubs (i.e. coding, art, etc.)
      • Can work with Yvette to coordinate
    • CPE – Changing format
      • Suggest parents begin planning for the Parent Engagement goal



UFT Update:

  • Every UFT position is up for election
    • 2-3 have expressed interest for Chapter Rep
    • Also need to fill Para Rep, Delegate, Para Rep (ASD)

PTA Update:

  • 1-time grants approved
    • Technology
    • F&P Books
    • Border Crossers Training – Gr. 3-5
    • Speech Department
    • Black History Month – Collection of writings
    • Water bottle filling station
  • Parents would like to read and see safety materials being shared with students (both print and video)
  • Auction gala – 4/27
    • Theme is 80s prom
  • Attended Chancellor event
    • Heard some sound bites
    • Submitted question – Can PTA have free translation services?
  • Health/Wellness event – 5/19
  • Last Lice Check – 4/27
  • Carnival
    • Projected date – 6/14
    • Re-imagine the event
    • Remove candy
    • Perhaps have healthier snacks and/or have children bring their lunch
    • Should include ASD students


Committee Updates


Diversity Committee:


  • PBO item – A lot of support and publicity in community; awaiting results
  • Next meeting – 5/4, 8:30am
  • Welcome breakfast for new K families – 5/16


Social-Emotional Community Building Committee:

  • Student Council met 4/17
  • Spare Change to Make a Change – 2nd Floor won the contest
    • Found a bank to accept change without wrapping
    • Bank of America will cut checks to Bridget, who will send to school
  • Celebrate May the 4th as a dress up day
  • Request for a 4th Grade talent show
    • Very tentative due to a full calendar
    • Potentially add numbers to Spring Concert


Wellness Committee:

  • Possibly incorporate talent show with Wellness Day
  • Grant opportunity was sent around – Fuel Up for 60 (Target)
    • Potentially materials for recess (Activities other than organized sports)
  • Need volunteers for Wellness Fair
  • Councilmember Manchaca will attend Wellness Fair
  • Looking for new leadership next year
  • Inquiry from staff about eliminating sugary snacks from classrooms
    • Separate discussion required to determine of a new policy is required


Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 16