SLT Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2018

Meeting called to order @ 6:00 pm



  • School has been conducting more drills recently and at different times of the day
  • Actively trying to address pockets of concern
  • School has bought some items to improve safety, like door stoppers
  • School has also escalated repairs to doors within the DOE
  • Constantly trying to look at and review all pieces of the safety and security pie


March 14 Walkout

  • Chancellor has written to all principals with message that if parents want children to participate, then children can participate
  • PS 372 will allow children to leave class for the walkout if parents are present to sign the children out
  • Staff can participate too, so long as enough staff remain with classes
  • During walkout, classes will be encouraged to do an appropriate activity, such continuing the kindness theme (“throw kindness like confetti”) in classrooms
  • School will not be discussing the recent shootings in school nor taking a political stand on the issue


Recess Issues

  • School looked into contracting with Kids in the Game to add to number of activities and levels of supervision during recess, but it is understood to cost about $120,000 per year. School will obtain a quote, but it does not appear to be a realistic option
  • Maura O’Grady discussed the recess routine at length. She emphasized everyone has a choice as to what to do and who to play with. Maura has discussed with staff the importance of not genderizing activities and does not believe this is an issue.
  • It was noted that recess is the only time at school where the students have absolute choice of their activity and who they play with.
  • Professional Development is being organized on this issue.
  • The school and staff will keep it known that students can do whatever they choose on a constant basis and that no student will be excluded from any activity.
  • Equity as to space in the yard and gym was also discussed. Maura believes the current system is equitable and space is apportioned based on safety and number of students engaging in each activity.



  • Wellness Day is planned for May 19 and is being planned by Paula Szuchman and Bridget Nash.
  • Volunteers are needed.
  • 4 sessions of meditation will be given to all 3rd to 5th grade students in the coming weeks.



CEP Survey/Surveys in General:

  • Discussion of goals section of the CEP.
  • The Principal is responsible for ensuring the goals are achieved and general compliance with the CEP.
  • The current goals relate to: diversity; family collaborative activities; instructional reading in K; achievement of grade level reading for all 2nd graders; professional for staff.
  • A discussion was held re: diversity and the need to build up the diversity sub-committee. There are a lot of good activities occurring under the diversity sub-committee and more members are need to ensure these activities are successful.
  • A discussion was held re: NYC Schools Survey. The school wants to increase participation in the survey compared to last year’s rates. School will enable parents to complete the survey during the parent/teacher conference day and will encourage parents at other times to complete the survey.


Date of Next Meeting: March 21, 2018.


Meeting ended @ 7:40 pm.