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Winter Fest’s Zero Waste Dream

PS372 Students Reduced, Reused & Recycled and You Did Too!The PS372 community leapt closer to sustainability with the recycling effort at the first ever Green Winter Fest. Thanks to the enthusiasm, patience and open-minded attitudes, the leadership of the science teachers, a PTA water bottle ban and committed student rangers, we saw serious achievement. Real Results…

ISO Gently-Used Dresser

Introducing the Green Community Board


The ASD site needs a drawer set like this to store gently-used clothes.

WANTED: The ASD site needs a drawer set like this to store gently-used clothes.


Do you have an extra dresser at home?

It doesn’t have to be red, but it does have to be in good working order and roughly this size. We’re looking for a gently-used chest of drawers to store and organize donated clothing at the ASD site. Dimensions of this IKEA item are 42 1/2×37 3/8 “. To arrange to donate a set of drawers, send a note to green@ps372.net, please.

Teachers, staff & families…Are you looking for an upcycled item or used furniture for your classroom or your students? Send requests to the green community board via email to green@ps372pta.org . Thank you. –The Green Team

We Survived The Water Bottle Ban

Thank you to everyone who supported our first PTA event with the water bottle ban in effect. And congratulations! We made it through the evening without the assistance of crinkly plastic bottles! The PTA sold about 60 of the colorful cups, some with lemon slices, and served up more than 6 gallons of cool New York City…

Does this flower look familiar?

The Victorious Story Behind This Flower  If you were part of the 2-2 community for the 2014-2015, you may remember seeing this species of primrose, during our class trip to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in October 2014. As part of Growing A Wild Brooklyn & Queens, a pilot program to help restore the Monarch butterfly habitat, we visited…