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What Do Monarch Caterpillars Look Like?

I got my hopes up when I saw this caterpillar on the swamp milkweed in the pollinator garden…but my research shows it is probably just a painted lady caterpillar…like the ones we raised inside. So not rare, but exciting!

Caterpillar on milkweed

Caterpillar on milkweed

Does this flower look familiar?

The Victorious Story Behind This Flower  If you were part of the 2-2 community for the 2014-2015, you may remember seeing this species of primrose, during our class trip to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in October 2014. As part of Growing A Wild Brooklyn & Queens, a pilot program to help restore the Monarch butterfly habitat, we visited…

What It’s Like to Step Up Seedlings

As a bonus, Ranger Michelle came back to class in early April to help 2-2 prep plants for transplant. In May, the students will return to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge with the milkweed, primrose and clover plants that they raised from seeds in their classroom. –Denise Maher Related:  Scenes from a Butterfly Program;    Wild Team…